What are Kegel Balls?

February 2, 2019

Kegel balls are little tools to strengthen muscles of pelvic floor and also to enhance sexual stimulation. These are ball-shaped small exercise weights that you insert inside the vaginal canal for a good workout of the pelvic floor muscles. Kegel balls are usually recommended by gynecologists and obstetricians to enhance elasticity of vaginal muscles as well as improved control of urinary bladder. As these balls work to strengthen vaginal muscles, these help to enhance the user’s sexual performance.  Men can also use them and they have to insert the ball inside anus.

You will find Kegel balls in different materials, including metal, glass, silicone, plastic and jade. Apart from Kegel balls, these balls are also known as pleasure balls, Ben Wa, orgasm balls and even Kegel spheres.

Tips on using Kegel balls

Preparing yourself & the ball

The first thing is to wash your hands thoroughly with some good anti-bacterial soap. Follow the same with your Kegel ball. Make sure to rinse your hands and the Kegel balls thoroughly so that no soapy residue is left anywhere.

Empty urinary bladder

Then, you will have to empty your urinary bladder. No ball should be inserted into vagina if the bladder is full.

Lube up

You should apply generous amount of lube both on the Kegel balls and also on your vaginal opening. It helps the ball to smoothly glide inside your vagina.

Get ready with right position

Lay down on your back on your bed. Look for a comfortable place. Now, lift a leg up and get ready to insert the Kegel balls inside.

Get set for exercise

The Kegel balls are great for pelvic floor workout. But you should only go with the balls, once you are habituated with exercise of pelvic floor muscles. It’s to note here Kegel balls come in various sizes.  Make sure to start with the smallest ball. After you get used to it, you can gradually move to larger options.

  • Exercise for pelvic floor muscles
  1. Get into the posture mentioned above & insert Kegel balls
  2. Tighten up the muscles of pelvic floor to lift & squeeze the Kegel balls
  3. You will have to hold contraction for around 5 seconds. After that, you will relax for five seconds
  4. You have to repeat the exercise 5x to complete 1 set
  5. Perform 3 such sets every day


  • For sexual pleasure (self-pleasure)

Kegel balls are to be left inside your vagina for a while to relish powerful sexual stimulation. Unlike other adult stimulation tools, you don’t always have to take them in & out of vagina all the time. Here is how you can enjoy sexual pleasure alone with Kegel balls.

  1. As you lay down on bed, insert the balls inside vagina. Now squeeze the pelvic muscles for a while. Gradually, you will experience strong arousal and self-lubrication and then you can start to explore the body.
  2. Insert the Kegel balls inside your body. Get hold of a vibrator. Now, start squeezing the pelvic floor muscles. As you do that, start rubbing the vibrator on clitoris & around vaginal opening to experience amazing sensation.


  • To enjoy with partner

Kegel balls are also handy to enhance your libido during sexual activities with a partner. You will just need to insert them 20 minutes before you are about to start the passion play with your partner. Once inside, the balls will massage your muscles and allow you to experience awesome stimulation. Try to have them inside your body for as long as you can. Longer it will be inside, greater will be your arousal. But, don’t forget to take the balls out, when you are about to have sex.

Removing the Kegel balls

Kegel balls can come with removal loop or strings. However, you will also find balls without strings. The removal process will be different with each case.

Removing balls with loop/string:

  • Lay down on your back in a relaxed comfortable posture
  • Lube up the vaginal opening
  • Now, gently pull on removal string till finally the balls slide out

Removal balls with no loop/string

  • Stand up and spread your feet. The distance between the feet will be little wider compared to hip distance
  • Now, bend the knees and get into a squat posture
  • Then, squeeze the vaginal muscles. It will help to force the balls out from your body.

In case, the balls are not coming out in one go- don’t panic as it will only worsen the situation. Stay calm; it’s nothing unnatural especially when you are a beginner. Just add more lube to make the pathway even more slippery. Otherwise, you can jump up & down or cough to make the muscles contract & release.

For safety reasons, it’s better to buy Kegel balls with loop or string.

Tips after removal

You have to be equally careful about the storage of the Kegel balls as you have to be with the removal. After you remove the balls-

  • Run the balls under clean warm water
  • Clean the balls thoroughly with antibacterial soap
  • Rinse them off properly  and make sure no soapy residue is left on the balls
  • Use a clean soft towel to pat dry the balls. Otherwise, you can keep them in open for air dry. Put them in their case only when they have dried completely

Benefits of using Kegel balls

  • These balls strengthen the vaginal muscles
  • These balls enhance control of your urinary bladder and help to eliminate problems of urinary incontinence
  • Kegel balls have also shown to improve sensations in the body and consequently sexual arousal for a more intense passion play
  • These balls help to attain orgasm easier & quicker
  • Kegel balls have shown to enhance sexual enjoyment of both partners
  • These balls also assure improved control of vaginal muscles so that you can contract them more rhythmically in times of sexual intercourse
  • Kegel exercises with Kegel balls will help to improve the saggy muscles that women experience post childbirth.