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How To Find The Perfect Male Chastity Device?

January 28, 2019


Not all cages are created equal. There are, in fact, several designs to meet various needs or levels of play. Unfortunately, there aren’t any definitive names (each brand or company makes their own), but I’ll do my best to describe them (and include pictures). One thing  is certain though, these are the cages which are magical!

THE “CB 6000” – This is the “white brand” /generic name for a common design, but you’ll find other titles for it as well.

It consists of a ring that goes around the testicles, a molded shaft and head section for the penis to go into, and a slit at the end to allow for urination.

Some designs have a single curved tube instead of an end section that’s shaped like the head of a penis. A few have cages rather than slits at the end (makes it easier to pee). There are also some gentler models that allow for the tip to be completely removed.

METAL BARS – There are three ways to do this –rings running around the penis, bars running along the penis (sometimes called Birdcage), or a combination which creates a square or web-like pattern.

Another distinction between cages is how much skin they show and how much you can feel while wearing them.

• OPEN-ENDED – the end comes off and leaves the head exposed, allowing stimulation

• CAGED – (metal bars) great ventilation while restricting most stimulation

• PARTIALLY CLOSED – (CB 6000) mostly closed, nearly no stimulation

• COMPLETELY CLOSED – doesn’t allow any form of stimulation (or ventilation) needs to be taken off for urination.

Closed cock cage, cage, open-ended, and partially closed cage

completely closed, cage, open-ended, partially closed

FYI: There are also extra short-shaft or long-length designs for the gents that need it.


The materials you should be aiming for are medical grade stainless steel, titanium, polycarbonate plastic, or 100% silicone.

• Plastic is common and lightweight and, if there’s an emergency, the connecting pin can be cut with simple wire cutters.

• Silicone is more beginner friendly and warms up faster. If there are any problems, all you need are a pair of scissors.

• Metal provides extra weight (which some men like because it reminds them they’re wearing them). However, there is the safety aspect of metal being harder to get out of in emergencies. Not to mention you’re going to BEEP if you go through metal detectors.

NOTE: Although leather is gorgeous, it’s hard to clean, impossible to sterilize, and, therefore, best avoided. Also, stay away from TPE/TPR rubber (highly porous) and novelty cages made from jelly (which are toxic).


KIND OF PLAY – Are you going to wear it for some fun during the weekend or is it long term?

The longer you plan on wearing it, the better ventilation it needs (aka more skin showing through but still restricting stimulation). So, a partially closed model would be better for long-term wear rather than a completely closed design.

THE CURVE – Some have a more pronounces curve than others, but all should be downwards. How much depends on your personal preference – and if you need something discreet to wear in public.

DISCREETNESS – Yep, you can wear these outside the bedroom/house. Make sure there are no extra bells or whistles that will show through your trousers (like enormous locks).

LOCKS – There are built-in locks, padlocks, security screws, and disposable locks. Depending on the cage, you might not have a choice as to which lock you use. But no matter what, make sure you know how to get out of it in case of emergencies.

RINGS SECTION – There are two kinds – hinged and solid. Hinged cages are easier because you just open them, put it behind our balls, and close. Solids are more difficult because there is no room for error.

EXTRAS – Speaking of bells and whistles, did you know that some models come with a urethrae sound (aka a metal rod or silicone tube that goes up the dick – if that’s your thing).

CUT VS NATURAL – In most cases, circumcised or uncircumcised doesn’t matter. There are some uncut men who find the “CB 6000” models uncomfortable or chafing because their skin protrudes through the urination hole.