Getting maximum self-pleasure out of dildos

March 25, 2021

It’s not uncommon to find yourself in the wonder of your brand-new toy. From its slick design to the numerous possibilities it offers, you might feel like you’re not using it to its fullest potential. But, hey, it happens to all of us! Hence, our article aims to explore the ins and outs of your favorite sex toy — the dildo.

Before You Begin

Playing with your body is just like reading a good book. You want to be in the right mood — in your room, next to a fireplace, slowly sipping on your favorite drink. The whole point is to make your experience the best possible. So, making sure you take a bath, dim the lights, and maybe play a slow, sexy record is the first step.

But all these little things go to waste if you’re using the wrong toy. How so? Well, there’s a big difference between a large dildo and a small, discreet one like these ones at LG. And since all of us are different, it’s essential to get a sex toy that suits your body the best. In other words, it means that you need to be realistic about your needs.

Once you’re in the right mood and have the type of dildo that suits you perfectly, it’s time to warm up. You see, masturbating is like running a marathon. You don’t go guns blazing from the get-go. The point is to start gently and gradually move into one of the many dildo techniques out there.

Playing with yourself can work in numerous ways. From deep thrusting to milking your G-spot, techniques are many. Hence, let’s segue into some of the most interesting and exciting ways to pleasure yourself with such a renowned vintage toy.

Technique #1: Deep Thrusting

The first technique that comes to mind is going in deep. It’s just how it sounds — full-on penetration and no holding back. The point is to stimulate your vagina by going in deep, throughout the whole length of your canal. Deep thrusting is a basic technique, but that doesn’t mean it’s not great. When it comes to masturbation, you’ll find that a simple idea is somewhat more rewarding.

And in case you opt for this type of masturbation, we suggest you use a textured dildo. The texture will allow for a more intense experience. Also, we’d go for a dildo with a firm, strong base. If you go with a softer version, you might find it harder to reach the deepest depths of your vaginal canal.

Technique #2: Short and Shallow

Unlike the previous technique, this one’s all about short bursts and efficiency. Interestingly enough, your vaginal opening is where most nerve endings reside. It means that you don’t necessarily need to have an inches-long toy in your hands to make the most of your masturbation session. And with short, shallow bursts, you’ll quickly feel like you’re on top of the world.

Another great thing about this technique is that it’s easier for your stamina. And even if that sounds silly, it’s key to have more fuel in your tank when you engage in hours-long dildo sessions. Hence, if you’re going for short and shallow, we suggest a moderately sized toy. Nothing too big and complicated — keep things simple.

Technique #3: Rocking Your Dildo

Straight or curvy — what’s your jam? It doesn’t matter when it comes to dildos because you can make even the straightest of them curve and rock your vagina at an angle. Rocking your toy is all about experimenting. The point is to apply pressure to the bottom of your vagina as you pull it out and push it in.

The toy doesn’t go too deep. So clitoral stimulation is possible. And by stimulating your clit, you’ll be on your way to more intense and powerful orgasms. Our suggestion would be to use a silicone toy or even go for something more experimental like the ones meant for both clitoral and vaginal play.

Technique #4: Twist and Turn

Twist and shout, baby! There’s a whole new world of possibilities if you’re willing to experiment. And when it comes to dildos, you can always insert them and then twist them around to stimulate your vagina.

Moreover, some toys are actually dead-on designed for such action — e.g., the juicers — and they have cranks for you to turn and operate. Of course, you can do it with any other dildo, as long as you feel comfortable with it.

Technique #5: Milking the G-Spot

We all know how important it is to find the G-spot to have a chance of experiencing the most of your body. Hence, going on a hunt for it with your big, curvy dildo is what we suggest if you want the most sexual pleasure. You only have to stimulate the top of your vaginal canal once going in or out with the toy.

A perfect dildo for this would be a curvy one. So, while inserting the toy inside your vagina, press up gently and apply pressure to the upper part of the canal. The same goes for pulling out. This way, you’ll quickly get to understand where your G-spot is at, and the subsequent reward will feel great.

Technique #6: Filling Feeling

Do you know what feels good too? Inserting your toy inside your vagina and leaving it there while you play around with your clit. In other words, filling yourself with a body-safe dildo while you go about other business is a great way to masturbate.

Why should you try this? Well, clitoral stimulation is a proven way to reach an overwhelming orgasm, unlike penetration. In reality, more women crave clitoral stimulation than feeling a dick go in and out. But if you combine vaginal and clitoral stimulation, you’ll get a winning combo.

Technique #7: Double Penetration

Finally, our last great technique is the all-powerful DP. In case you’ve been living under a rock all your sexual life, double penetration is an act where you stimulate both your vagina and anus by inserting objects in them.

In this case, the objects are high-quality dildos. However, you can also use a butt plug for your anus — it will work just fine. So, insert a toy of your choice into your rectum, and play with your vagina with another one. You can swap your attention to the other sex toy any time you feel like it.